How to Tell If Your A/C is Too Small for Your Rockland, NY Home

How to Tell If Your A/C is Too Small for Your Rockland, NY Home


When selecting an A/C system for your home, the size is an essential factor to consider. The right-sized air conditioning system will certainly make a huge difference in your day-to-day indoor comfort.

But how do you know if your existing A/C system is too small for your home? Check out these signs!

  • Your A/C Doesn’t Cool Your Home

If your house isn’t cooling down, your air conditioner might be at fault. An undersized A/C unit will struggle to keep your home at a comfortable level. Without sufficient cooling ability, it’s almost impossible for your A/C to distribute cool air evenly while maintaining the right indoor temperature. This means that distant rooms will feel warmer than normal.

  • Long A/C Cycles

Too small air conditioners have to work longer and harder than they should to make up for their deficiency of cooling power. An inappropriately-sized A/C has to run constantly to reach the temperature you’ve set in your thermostat, causing too much pressure on it. This leads to potential costly repairs and reduced lifespan.

A normal A/C cycle should take 20 and 30 minutes–no more, no less. If this isn’t the case with your air conditioner, call us at Carey & Walsh for professional inspection and solution.

  • Increased Cooling Costs

If you think a smaller A/C can help save you money, you’re completely mistaken! It actually costs you more money in the long run. When you find something suspicious in your utility bills, it’s a sign that you’ve got the wrong A/C size.

  • Low Airflow

Did you notice temperature inconsistencies throughout the house? Is one room seems to be colder or hotter than the other? A big change in your airflow could mean that your A/C isn’t supplying enough air to your home. An undersized air conditioner won’t be able to keep a consistent temperature, especially on large and two-story homes. 

Get the Right-Sized A/C System With Carey & Walsh

A properly-sized air conditioning system is more vital than you may realize. It’s a key to your home’s complete comfort.

Is your current A/C system too small? Call us at Carey & Walsh ad we’ll help you find the best A/C that’s compatible to your home and comfort needs.

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