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Whether you’re looking for a central air system, ductless air system, heat pump, or any other type of system, installing your new air conditioner the right way is very important. A careless installation job or the use of cheap, low-quality materials will cause problems for you in the future. If you want quality installation service using state-of-the-art equipment, then turn to Carey & Walsh, Inc. for professional assistance.


Has your air conditioning unit reached its critical years? Don’t wait for it to shut down completely before finding a new replacement. Talk to our experts for professional and honest quotes. For many years, we provide the Westchester County reliable product recommendation and services worthy of your trust. Give us a call today!

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Westchester County Air Conditioning Repair

Is your air conditioning unit blowing warm air or nothing at all? Is your energy bill slowly creeping up? Or, has it become much noisier in the past summers? It’s probably time to call Carey & Walsh for professional system diagnosis and repair.

Our air conditioning repair services include replacing or fixing air conditioning compressors, air conditioning condensers, evaporator coils, ductless and mini-split systems, air handlers, smart thermostats, filters, and much more! We’re also experienced at performing general tune-ups for your air conditioning system.

Need an emergency cooling repair? Contact us at (914) 762-9600 for fast and reliable service!

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