HVAC Pros in Irvington, NY Explain How AC Repair Is Done

By Carey and Walsh Inc,
HVAC Pros in Irvington, NY Explain How AC Repair Is Done

How to Repair A Central Air Conditioning Unit?

Air conditioner repair in Irvington, NY is a complex job, and it should be done only by professionals. Even the small issues require professional attention as they might indicate bigger problems hiding inside the unit.

Here’s an overview of how air conditioner repairs are done:

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Turn Off the Breaker

This is very important to avoid no power surges that could damage your unit and the other connected appliances and electrical components. Your technician will then remove the grill of the system by taking out some screws that hold it in place.

Check the Fan and Vent

Your technicians will make sure all fans of the AC are turned off by switching them from “ON” (or cool) to “AUTO” They will also ensure that all vents, especially those directly over the evaporator coils, are closed.

Check the Thermostat

Now, your service providers will go to the condenser fan motor and turn its switch off. Then disconnect the wire that runs from the outside unit to your thermostat. They will remove this using a screwdriver or just lay it on top of the equipment. To access the wiring behind your thermostat, they will gently pry open the plastic cover with a screwdriver if needed. This part should be handled carefully to avoid any damage and cause future problems in your unit.

Remove the Screws

Your technician will remove any screws holding down accordion tubes (normally, they are tucked in around either side of your compressor). There is only a set of screws at each end of the tubes, so your technician will be extra careful not to lose them.

Take Hold of the Accordion Tube

After removing the screws, your technicians will hold the accordion tube and pull it gently. They will ensure that no sharp edge can damage while being moved from its place. Once the air conditioning tubing has been moved, you will see how this part seals itself in a hole created around your compressor and condenser fan motor. Your technicians should be able to clean these holes out with some compressed air or even a vacuum cleaner hose.

Then, they will use an insulation spray to remove any debris stuck inside. There should be enough room between the accordion tubes for good airflow.

 More than these steps, the technicians you searched for A/C repair near me Irvington, NY follow safety standards to ensure nothing goes wrong along the process. That’s why hiring the pros for the job is vital. You can count on us at Carey & Walsh to repair your AC. Dial (347) 752-5485 now.

A/C repair near me Irvington, NY



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