6 Home Heating Mistakes That Increase Your Energy Bills

6 Home Heating Mistakes That Increase Your Energy Bills

Heating your Briarcliff Manor, NY home shouldn’t be a financial burden. Unfortunately, during the cold months, your heating bills can account for almost half of your utility bills—and you don’t want this, right?

If your winter energy bills are surprisingly high, it’s possible that you’re heating your home the wrong way. Here are some of the avoidable home heating mistakes that cause an upsurge in your heating bills.

Not Paying Attention to Insulation

It would be a waste of energy and money to heat your home only to have the heated air dissipate because of poor insulation. While it’s normal for the warm air to escape your home whenever you open the doors and windows, you can delay or lessen the heat loss through air outlets if your house is well insulated.

If you think you’re paying for nothing due to inadequate insulation, then you better start working on improving it. Without proper insulation, you’re only letting the heat go to waste.

Neglecting Filter Replacement

You wouldn’t believe it, but this small piece of your heating system, which is the filter, can make a big difference in your home’s overall comfort. Neglecting to replace it when necessary could mean a problem in your indoor air quality and energy bills. A dirty and inefficient filter can clog up your energy budget because it forces your heating system to work harder and longer to maintain a comfortable home temperature.

Cranking Up the Thermostat

Don’t make the same mistake of turning up the thermostat simply because you want to heat your home faster. Setting the thermostat too high doesn’t have any effect on how fast your space will heat up. Doing it only causes your furnace to run longer, which leads to higher utility bills.

If you want lower energy bills, a smart or programmable thermostat is the solution.  This cost-effective device is made to curb your energy use while making your home more comfortable.

Closing Vents in Empty/Unused Rooms

Why heat an empty room? Make sense, right? Well, most people believe that closing vents in vacant rooms can save energy and money—but it’s actually a common misconception. The truth is, it wastes heated air more than what you can imagine.

Whether you have one, two, or ten vents open, your heating system will produce the same amount of warm air. By closing your vents, you’re adding pressure to your system that causes air leaks and unnecessary energy waste. As your system tries to make you feel comfortable, your total energy usage can get higher.

Disregarding Leaks and Drafts

There’s more heat that can be lost in your home when leaks and drafts remain unsolved. The problem with air leaks is that the money you’re paying for bills goes for nothing. Air leakage can contribute to moisture problems that can affect both your health and your house’s durability.

Sealing leaks and addressing drafts provide controlled ventilation, improved comfort, and reduced utility bills. Check if the caulking and weather stripping around your doors and windows are correctly applied. It should leave no cracks or gaps. Pay special attention to the attic and basement as they are commonly the source of air leaks.

Not Taking Furnace Maintenance Seriously

A well-maintained heating system runs more efficiently while keeping your energy bills at a low cost. Ignoring routine maintenance can cause severe problems in your system—affecting its operation and performance. Taking good care of your heating system keeps it performing at its best, so be sure to keep your system maintenance intact with your trusted HVAC contractor in Briarcliff Manor, NY.


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