6 Clever Ways to Stay Warm When Your Furnace Breaks Down

6 Clever Ways to Stay Warm When Your Furnace Breaks Down

Without your furnace, it’s a real pain to deal with the cold this fall. Thankfully, there are lots of ways to keep your home warm and cozy even when your heating system breaks down. Check out these six (6) clever tips for staying warm until your Carey & Walsh technician arrives for furnace repair. 

Knock Out the Drafts

By sealing up your doors and windows, you can keep the heat to where it belongs. Keeping them airtight reduces the chances of air leaks while preventing cold air from sneaking into your home. This fall, be sure to seal all airways for a more comfortable indoor environment.

Let the Heat Out of the Oven

After making a snack or dinner in the oven, turn it off but leave it open for a few minutes or until the heat is gone. Don’t let the heat go to waste—use them for your benefit instead. Allow the heat to warm up the kitchen and nearby rooms.

Take Your Sweaters Out

Bundle up! Pull out your sweater and add layers of them to your wardrobe to stay warm. Wear a long sleeve shirt, thicker socks, and fuzzy slippers. The more coverings you wear, the warmer you become.

Fireplaces Will Do Just Fine

In case your furnace goes out without a warning, wood or gas-powered fireplaces are great alternatives to keep you from the cold. So, light the fire and start enjoying the warmth they provide.


Staying still makes you feel colder. Keep the heat in your body by exercising or simply moving around the house. Any movements help increase your body temperature; thus heat won’t escape easily. By then, your body will surely thank you for that warm and cozy feeling.

Lay Down Those Rugs

Does your home have tile or hardwood floors? If yes, you’re going to need some plush area rugs to warm up your space. Your floorboards serve as entryways of cold air, so putting layers of rugs on your bare floors can make your space a little warmer to walk on. 


Furnace down? No worries! Stay toasty warm this cold season with these tips from Carey & Walsh. When you need a quick and quality furnace repair in Rockland, NY and nearby areas, don’t forget to contact our technicians.

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