4 Types of Furnaces Based on Design: Get to Know the Differences

4 Types of Furnaces Based on Design: Get to Know the Differences

When you’re looking for a new furnace in Briarcliff Manor, NY, you’ll probably be introduced to the basics furnace types. Definitely, you would want the best furnace for your home, so knowing the functionalities and features of these furnaces is the first step to get the right choice.

Any furnace comparison starts with a comprehensive analysis of which types are most appropriate for your space. Let us walk you through the basic type of furnaces and their differences.


Generally, a single-stage furnace is composed of only two settings: on and off. This means that your furnace has no other phases for an operation other than running at maximum speed or not running at all.

Pros and Cons

Single-stage furnaces are a convenient option for people with a tight budget. They cost less compared to modern furnace types. However, they aren’t energy-efficient and less environment-friendly.  Using them for home heating can cause your bills to go higher. You may also experience cold and hot spots in certain areas at home.

Are Single-Stage Furnaces Worth Your Money?

It’ll be worth considering this type of furnace if you want to save on the purchase price. But it won’t be long before you realize that your energy bills are out of control. A single-stage furnace isn’t enough to heat a two-level or even a one-level house evenly. Therefore, this is a big NO!


As the name suggests, a dual-stage furnace operates in two stages: high (full) and low (reduced) speed. Generally, furnaces of this type run in low setting, but if there’s a sudden change in the temperature, they switch into high speed.

Pros and Cons

The good thing about dual-stage furnaces is that they supply a more consistent heat throughout your home or any space. They are also more responsive to changes in the weather. Because these furnaces are energy-efficient, you can expect lower energy bills. A high-efficiency two-stage furnace may be eligible for a specific government rebate depending on your state.

Take note that they are a bit more expensive than the traditional type (single-stage models). If you opt to buy one for your home, you have to ask our experts at Carey and Walsh, Inc. to get the right furnace for your home.

Is a Dual-Stage Furnace Worth Considering in Your Home?

Definitely! It’s a good choice for any residential home, particularly if you want warm and consistent indoor temperatures. If you can afford it, then it would be a great investment.


The term “multi-speed” refers to the speed of the blower motor. This furnace type comes with a computerized blower motor that controls and monitors the airflow in your home. The airflow is affected by various factors, such as ductwork, air filter maintenance, and furnace location. The amount of air released by the blower motor into your home is dependent on these factors.

Pros and Cons

Because a variable furnace doesn’t have to operate at full capacity to reach your desired temperature, you’re sure that your home is consistently heated while using less electricity. Using a multi-speed furnace offers savings on energy consumption of as much as 70%. This unit is much quieter than the first two types because it doesn’t stop and start up—the operation is continuous and consistent.

The only negative side of this furnace is the price. The initial investment cost is typically higher than other modern heating systems.

Is a Variable Furnace Fit For Your Residential Space?

Considering the system is properly installed and maintained, you are guaranteed of increased comfort, reduced energy bills, and long-lasting investment with multi-speed furnaces.


A modulating furnace is equipped with a burner that adjusts and monitors the amount of fuel used in order to maintain the right and a consistent indoor temperature.

Pros and Cons

With this option, you can have a more consistent temperature in all areas of your Briarcliff Manor, NY home—even when the weather changes quickly. Not only that it’s highly energy-efficient, but a modulating furnace is also environment-friendly. But, it could be a bit pricey.

Should Your Buy a Modulating Furnace?

If you want to achieve maximum comfort in the cold months and you’re willing to spend extra cash, then this is a great choice. But, if your money is limited, then it’s not for you.


The type of furnace that you should buy depends on several factors including your comfort needs, home requirements, and budget. Be sure to ask our experts at Carey and Walsh, Inc., to get the right furnace for your home.

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