10 Of The Deadliest Mistakes You’re Making With Your Furnace

10 Of The Deadliest Mistakes You’re Making With Your Furnace

The coldest month of the year is upon us! Are you sure you’re heating your Briarcliff Manor, NY home properly? Most of the time, it’s hard to know whether we’re doing the right thing when it comes to our home comfort because of several factors to consider. But, don’t worry!

Today, we’ll be giving some clues on what you should and shouldn’t be doing on your furnace—whatever type it is. Here are ten (10) common fatal mistakes that you should avoid doing with your furnace.

1.    Skipping Filter Replacement

Don’t compromise your health and comfort because of negligence. Your furnace filter suffers from dust and dirt every day. This is why it’s a need to check your filters and replace them when necessary. Forget about your filters—and you’ll get nothing but poor airflow and unsatisfactory comfort in the cold days.

2.    Waiting Too Long to Call for Repairs

Your comfort should be one of your top priorities. So when you see or notice anything odd in your furnace, it’s not something that you should wait for tomorrow. Take immediate action on any problem with your system. Call us ASAP at Carey & Walsh, Inc. for help!

3.    Hiring the Cheapest Professionals

What’s worse than picking a low-cost furnace is hiring a heating contractor with the cheapest service price. Take note that low-priced contractors don’t guarantee quality work because most often, they don’t have the credentials and expertise. For your furnace, trust only Licensed and Certified professionals to handle your heating needs—at all costs. 

4.    Neglecting Maintenance

A badly maintained furnace won’t be able to cope with the stress of heating your home. To keep your system running and performing at an optimal level, you need to have it serviced annually or as often as needed.

5.    Running Your Furnace in an Empty Home

Generally, your furnace is designed to heat an occupied home and not an empty one. There’s no reason to run your heating system when no one is there to use and enjoy it. So when your house is unoccupied, set your thermostat five degrees lower to reduce the stress on your system and save energy.

6.    Ignoring Repair Signs

When in need of repairs, your furnace will definitely show signs that you should keep an eye on. It has its own ways of telling you “Hey, I’m broken! Could you call a technician to check on me?”  That said, you should be aware of any small signs that could become costly repairs.

Take time to observe your furnace and look for potential issues. Don’t hesitate to call in the experts to avoid being stuck in a broken furnace in the cold season.

7.    Closing Air Vents

Closing off even a single air vent can cause danger to your home and your system. It results in pressure imbalances and a drop in your furnace’s efficiency due to added strain during operation. To help your system perform efficiently and reliably, make sure your air vents aren’t closed.

8.    Setting the Thermostat Too High

The cold winter days would make you think that it’s alright to turn up the thermostat too high. Unfortunately, it’s not how things work. Doing this can overwork your furnace and lead to extremely high utility bills and performance problems. Set your thermostat at a temperature that is both comfortable and energy-efficient—because that’s the smart thing to do.

9.    Disregarding Drafts and Leaks

Your home could be losing so much heat due to air leaks. Even the smallest hole and crack in the walls or doors can become an entry point for the cold air. Prevent the warm air from leaking out by sealing holes and cracks and reinforcing your insulation. This way, your furnace won’t overwork when heating your home.

10. Putting Your Furnace in The Wrong Place

Does location matter? Definitely! Where you place your furnace has a big impact on its performance and efficiency. When choosing the location, you have to consider the space, air and energy intake, and venting. Call us for a home and system evaluation for assistance.

By being aware of these mistakes, you can make the most out of your heating system without worrying about your comfort and safety.

If you run into a furnace issue in Briarcliff Manor, NY, feel free to contact us at Carey & Walsh, Inc. We’ll be glad to assist you with your needs—at any time of the day!