Top Christmas Decorating Safety Tips

Top Christmas Decorating Safety Tips

The holiday season is fast approaching! While you’re busy adorning your Briarcliff Manor, NY home with dazzling Christmas ornaments, be sure to put your safety on top of your priority list. To ensure a happy and risk-free holiday season, here are top decorating tips from Carey and Walsh.

Keep Your Christmas Tree Away From Any Heat Sources

Artificial Christmas trees are highly flammable. So if you opt to use them instead of a real tree, be sure to place them away from heaters, furnace, fireplace, radiators, or any heat sources. Choose only ‘fire-resistant’ trees to reduce the risk of fires.

Double-Check the Christmas Lights!

Before plugging in any lightings, please double-check them for frayed or bare wires, loose connections, and other potential issues. Work with a certified electrician for inspection and repairs if necessary.

Hang the Ornaments With Extra Care

When decorating, be mindful of the ornaments you use. Keep the safety of the children and your pets in mind by using non-toxic and unbreakable ornaments. Avoid metal hooks and replace them with yarn or ribbons instead to prevent possibilities of choking and injuries.

Use LED and UL-Certified Holiday Lights

Independent testing companies or facilities ensure safety on holiday lights by conducting strict tests. A holographic UL label on the lights means it’s safe to use. The green label means it’s for indoor use only, while the red label means it’s for both indoor and outdoor use. If you’re in the market for new Christmas lights, LED lights are cool and safe options for everyone in the house.

Conform to Acceptable Wattage Levels

Before plugging in the lights or any other wired decorations, be sure to check their wattage capacity. You and your family can be at risk of a life-threatening situation if they are connected to extension cords or power strips with low wattage levels. By doing that, you’ll be overloading the circuits which can lead to a fire.

Put Out the Candles When No One’s Home

Don’t leave the candles unattended! Blow them out before going outdoors or when no one’s home to oversee them. Candles are highly decorative, but they can be destructive as well. You can try battery-powered LED candles as a safer alternative.

This Christmas, your safety should always come first! Take these tips from Carey and Walsh Briarcliff as your armor against fire-related accidents. For more safety tips, feel free to contact us anytime.