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Problems with your heating system can happen anytime—and it could cause major trouble to your comfort and safety when you leave the issues unsolved. Don’t fret, as Carey & Walsh is here to the rescue.

We provide fast and dependable heater repair in White Plains, NY and the nearby areas. We service all makes and models of heating systems, including furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and other heating sources. Our skilled and experienced technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to serve all your heating needs.

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Common Heating Problems & Ways to Fix Them

As a home or business owner, it would be helpful to know the common issues that could arise in your heating system. Having the idea will help you prevent the problems from growing and causing trouble in the future. When you see these heating issues, call the pros right away for immediate fixes:

Heater Is Not Producing Enough Heat

Effective heating is achieved when the airflow volume and supply is enough. Thus, your space won’t be as comfortable as you expect when your furnace does not produce sufficient heat. Try replacing your clogged air filter or keeping the British Thermal Unit (BTU) low to improve airflow.

But if these suggestions don’t solve the problem, then professional attention is needed. Schedule your heater repair in White Plains, NY right away.

Heater Runs Constantly

The limit switch is the one signaling your system to shut off when the desired heat is achieved. However, it can’t do its job when it’s running faulty, causing your heater to run non-stop and not following the proper cycle. Your trusted local technician can help you fix this issue.

Heater Blows Cold Air

Cooling your space is not a job for your heating system. But if yours does it in the middle of the freezing winter, then it’s time for you to investigate. Your heating system may blow cold air if it is not sized properly. Sometimes, it just can’t produce enough heat to warm a huge space—and this makes you think that it blows cold air.

That’s why it is essential to ask for expert assistance before you install a new heater. Your contractor will conduct an in-home inspection and load calculation to identify the right system size suited to your home or business.

Heater Produces Strange Noises

Your heating system should not create rattling, squeaking, grinding, rambling, or banging sounds when it’s operating. Unfortunately, these sounds can be heard when your unit experiences airflow reduction, mechanical problems, or clogging. Call your local HVAC company to diagnose and resolve the issue.

Heating problems are inevitable, and it’s always recommended to have trusted heating specialists on your side to help during your emergencies. Carey & Walsh provides 24/7 emergency heater repair in White Plains, NY. We always have you covered!  

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Carey & Walsh is always ready to help fix all your heating woes. You can expect fast response time and satisfying results from our experts. We specialize in residential and commercial heating system repair no matter the brand of equipment you own. We focus on quality in every project we handle—and we provide a 100% guarantee on all our works. So when your heating system fails, know that we are the only team you can trust.

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