Commercial Services

Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance

Carey and Walsh inc, staffs a commercial service maintenance division who are experts in small, medium, large and extremely large industrial size equipment. Carey and Walsh inc will keep your system maintained properly to reduce energy costs and prevent costly system failures. Carey and Walsh inc. offers multi-annual service maintenance agreements and will perform multi-point inspections. Call us today to schedule your maintenance at 914-762-9600.

Maintenance Contracts

Carey and Walsh inc, offers seasonal and multi –annual maintenance contracts which include our thorough 8 point inspection. Additionally we will change standard filter, belts and lubricate all bearings. Most importantly we will inspect all safeties as well as inspect heat exchanges which could potentially leak harmful carbon monoxide into the building. Have peace of mind this year knowing that your system is being taken care of call us today to at 914-762-9600.

Free Estimates

When you are in need of having a replacement, major repair or interested in a brand new installation, Carey and Walsh inc, is happy to send a sales engineer to your home free of charge to discuss your options. Upon the visit Carey and Walsh inc will promptly provide a written estimate and will go over the various options so you clearly understand the proposed work. To schedule your free estimate call us today to at 914-762-9600.

Heating and Air Conditioning Replacement

When you need to replace your heating or air conditioning system, Carey and Walsh inc is qualified to take on any project, no matter the size or scope. We provide home visits and written estimates free of charge and will be happy to discuss various options with you. The experts at Carey and Walsh, Inc pledge to deliver the highest quality of workmanship possible to our neighbors. We have the expertise and patience to upgrade your system with an energy efficient one. To discuss your climate control issues with a highly trained sales engineer, call us today at 914-762-9600.

Custom Ductwork Fabrication

Here at Carey and Walsh inc, we custom fabricate ductwork on our state of the art coil line and plasma machine in our 15,000 square foot sheet metal shop. Every installation is different and we have the equipment and knowledge to retrofit any system or manufacture all new ductwork for a brand new installation.

Custom Adapter Curb Fabrication

Most Buildings today have packaged rooftop units (RTU) that sit on a curb which is flashed into the existing roof. When a packaged rooftop unit (RTU) needs to be replaced the new one is almost never the same physical dimension and an adapter curb must be made to adapt the new unit to the existing curb. This is a very critical step in the replacement, here at Carey and Walsh inc, we measure, design and custom fabricate adapter curbs for small rooftop units up to large systems weighing tens of thousands of pounds and up to 30 feet in length.

New Systems Installed

Carey and Walsh inc. has performed thousands of brand new installations whether it be for new construction, a renovated home, addition or simply adding a system to a home where one had not been before. We have performed custom installation for large 10,000 -20,000 square foot Mansions to the standard 1 story ranch home and everything in between. If you are in need of a new System please call our qualified team at 914-762-9600.

Complete System Designs

Carey and Walsh inc staffs a full sketching and drafting department, as part of your new or replacement system we will perform a complete system design. We conduct field surveys to determine system layouts and design, we calculate system capacities and air flow quantities for peak performance.

CAD Drawings

Carey and Walsh inc staffs a full sketching and drafting department and is often asked by building owners and managers for a complete system design. We perform field surveys of the space to determine layout and design, we calculate system capacities and air flow quantities for peak performance. The designed system is transferred to a computer program where other trades can use it to coordinate the complete project.

Complete Project Management

It is very often that Carey and Walsh inc, is not the only trade needed for the project. Over the years Carey and Walsh inc has developed close relationships with electricians, plumbers, carpenters and engineers. Carey and Walsh can coordinate all trades and all phases of your project.