6 Reasons for High A/C Operating Cost in Westchester, NY

6 Reasons for High A/C Operating Cost in Westchester, NY

Keeping your home cool and comfortable comes with a price. But that doesn’t mean that you have to spend tons of dollars on your monthly cooling bills.

Let’s have a look at these reasons which contribute to high operating costs of your air conditioner.

Your House Insulation is Poor

Over time, insulation can become less effective. Leaks, gaps, and other potential issues may develop, which causes an increase in your cooling bills.

Upgrading your insulation helps save energy while keeping your family comfortable during the summertime. Plus, you’ll be able to eliminate those draft areas and keep pollutants in your home at bay.

Broken A/C Ducts

A sufficient amount of cool air won’t be delivered into your home when your duct has cracks, holes, or leaks. This only implies that you’re paying for conditioned air that’s getting away or not reaching your room. With leaking or disconnected pipes, your A/C will have to work harder than necessary, thus causing your bills to increase uncontrollably.

Worn-Out Filters

Many of us are guilty of forgetting to replace the filters routinely. But, it shouldn’t be the case in your Westchester, NY home. You should be proactive in changing your filters to help your A/C to work at full efficiency.

Take note that dirty and clogged filters restrict air circulation and cause your system to work harder and longer than necessary to reach your home’s desired temperature. Be sure to replace your filters often to keep high cooling costs away.

Your A/C Is Very Old

One ground for your system’s inefficiency is its age. Running a TOO OLD A/C can be expensive because you’ll have to pay for high energy bills every month.  You might need to replace your system sooner, but you may ask your trusted HVAC contractor in Westchester, NY for advice.

You’re Cooling an Empty House

Turning off the A/C when no one’s at home is a common action to save on energy. While this can help, it may take some time for your system to cool your space when your return. What you should do is turn the thermostat up instead. It will keep your home cool while you’re out.

Irregular Maintenance

You know pretty sure that regular maintenance is necessary to keep your A/C at the best performance. It deals with all existing issues on your system, such as duct-related problems, dirty filters, and worn-out parts. Schedule a routine A/C maintenance to ensure its utmost efficiency.

We’ll Keep Your Cooling Costs Low!

Having issues with your cooling costs in Westchester, NY? You might be experiencing any of these issues mentioned above. At Carey & Walsh, we can help you lower your energy bills and improve your A/C’s efficiency.

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