5 A/C Problems & Solutions

5 A/C Problems & Solutions

There’s really no escape from the heat this summer! You either look for a place to cool off or just learn to deal with it in your own home in Briarcliff Manor, NY. Thanks to air conditioners, we can relax indoors and stay comfortable this warm season.

Unfortunately, when something goes wrong with your A/C, your living environment can quickly change, thus affecting your mood and comfort. Let’s discuss these common air conditioning problems and ways to solve them.

Water Leaking From A/C

It’s possible for air conditioners to produce condensation, especially in humid climates. You may notice water around your A/C and wonder how it happens. Some of the main causes of water leakage in your A/C, frozen evaporator coils (due to restricted airflow), clogged drain line, and incorrect system installation. The best way to address the leaks is to call the pros for inspection and necessary repairs.

A/C Not Cooling

Is your home not cool enough? Your A/C may be working but doesn’t give off any cold air. Limited airflow due to dirty air filter or ductwork issues must be the culprit. If ducts and air filters are restrained, your air conditioner won’t work efficiently. Therefore, you have to work on duct cleaning and air filter replacement as often as needed to prevent this problem.

A/C Repeatedly Turns On and Off

It’s completely annoying to have an A/C that constantly kicks on and off—so you want it fixed as early as possible. Luckily, there’s a simple remedy to this! All you have to do is replace the filters at least once a month to keep the dirt and dust from accumulating.

Your A/C Makes Irritating Noise

Over time, your A/C may experience wear and tear that comes with loud, odd sounds that can be disturbing. If yours emits squealing, hissing noise, or buzzing noise, there might be some internal problems in your system that need to be addressed. These sounds could be the result of an issue with the belt, fan, compressor, or blower. Contact your trusted HVAC company in Briarcliff Manor, NY to fix the issue.

A/C Not Working At All

What’s more annoying than an A/C not cooling is to know that your air conditioner isn’t working at all! If your system doesn’t even turn on, it could be one of these three (3) things: A/C failure, electrical issue, or a broken thermostat. Let the experts diagnose the problem and fix it for you.

Keep Your Cool This Summer With Carey & Walsh!

Dealing with a broken A/C is no fun at all. The best way to keep your system from these issues is preventive maintenance from the pros. Contact our cooling experts at Carey & Walsh for professional A/C repair and maintenance services.

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