Solving Common HVAC Problems

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Solving Common HVAC Problems

Ideally, your home’s air conditioning unit should function without too many issues and should not need to be repaired or troubleshooted very often. However, as with every machine, problems do pop up every now and then. At Carey and Walsh, with our over 70 years of experience in the heating and air conditioning business, we have seen it all at both homes and businesses in Westchester County. We’ll be able to diagnose any problem you have whether it’s something simple or a bit more complicated. However, there may be some problems that you can fix on your own without the help of a professional. Follow Carey and Walsh’s guide to quickly and easily diagnose and solve common HVAC problems.

Air Flow Obstruction

Air flow obstruction is one of the most common issues with an HVAC system and luckily, its also one of the easiest for a homeowner to solve on their own. If your warm or cool air is not coming out the way it’s supposed to, one or more of your air vents may be blocked. One of the most obvious reasons for a blocked air vent is that there is a piece of furniture or some other obstruction in front of it, on the outside of the vent. This issue is solved easily enough by moving the offending obstruction. A blocked vent might also be due to a buildup of dust, or other particles inside of the vent. If you think a buildup like this is the cause of your low airflow, it might be worth it to try changing your air filter or cleaning out the inside of your air vents. If you change your air filters regularly (at least twice a year), you won’t have air flow obstruction problems as often as those who don’t change them.

Inefficient Cooling

You may notice that your air conditioning system is not cooling your entire home or parts of a certain room as well as others. If you have warm spots in your home during the summer, or cold spots in your home during the winter, it’s probably the result of a larger problem that is causing this symptom. One of the most likely causes of this inefficient cooling is a refrigerant leak in your cooling system. If this is the cause of your issue, you will probably notice an increase in the cost of your energy bill. Setting up a regular maintenance program with Carey and Walsh will help you avoid this type of problem in the future or catch it early on before it becomes a major problem. Our air conditioning experts can take a look at your system to determine if you have a refrigerant leak.

HVAC Wear and Tear

Another common issue with HVAC systems is that they are subject to wear and tear and become less efficient over time. Even a system that is well maintained will someday have issues with efficiency and regular service can only do so much to help maintain it. A heating or air conditioning professional can help you diagnose this problem early on, and then work on getting your system back up to its peak efficiency and power as soon as possible. Repairing the air conditioning or heating unit or replacing an old or worn out component may be the right solution. However, there may come a time when your system is no longer able to repaired simply because it’s too old or too inefficient. Give the experts at Carey and Walsh a call and we can take a look at your system and fix or replace it when necessary.

Incorrect Thermostat Settings

While it may seem obvious, sometimes a problem with an HVAC system is simply the result of a thermostat being set or configured incorrectly. If your settings cause your system to power on and off to often or rapidly change temperatures, this could lead to inefficiency, hot or cold spots in your home, or more frequent repairs of your system. Digital thermostats let you set up your own personal temperature configuration. These should match your comfort level but you should also put some thought into whether or not your configuration puts your system under unnecessary stress.

If you think your heating or air conditioning system is running into any of the issues listed above, feel free to take a look yourself and try to diagnose or fix the problem. If at any time you need the help of an air conditioning or heating expert, give Carey and Walsh a call. We can diagnose and fix any air conditioning or heating issue, and get your home back to being comfortable in no time at all.  Carey and Walsh are experts in furnaces, air conditioning including ductless air conditioning and central air conditioning, and custom ductwork fabrication in Westchester County. Give us a call at 914-762-9600 or contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your heating and air conditioning needs!

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