Safety and Savings with New Equipment

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Safety and Savings with York Heating and Cooling Equipment

Consider replacing your furnace or boiler if it is 15 years old or older. New equipment is far more efficient and safer to operate.

So just how much can you typically save by replacing an old, inefficient furnace with a new high efficiency modern unit? That depends on how efficient the new furnace is and how inefficient the old one was. The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, or AFUE, ratings tell you how much energy or gas is being converted to heat your home. For example, an AFUE of 80% means that 80% of the fuel used by the furnace is being used to heat your home, while the other 20% escapes as exhaust with combustion gases through your chimney.

Older gas furnaces that utilize pilot lights have estimated AFUE ratings of 60 – 70%, so both your immediate and long-term savings could be significantly increased if you replace your inefficient unit with a modern 95% AFUE gas-fired model. Today’s highest efficiency units now have an AFUE of 98% reducing your heat loss down to just 2%!

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