Preparing Your Home for Cold Temperatures

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Preparing Your Home For Cold Temperatures

As summer turns to fall in Westchester County, NY and the surrounding areas, it’s a good idea to prepare your home for cold temperatures of the season. Fall is the perfect time to prepare for winter, because you don’t want to be left out in the cold. Prepare for the winter before it arrives by solving any issues your home may have like insulation or heating system problems in the early fall. Follow these tips from from Carey and Walsh can help your house ready for the cold weather.

Check Your Heating System

The most important step you can take to secure your home against cold weather is to check your heating system. You will rely on your furnace throughout the fall and winter to keep you and your family warm and you don’t want anything to go wrong on a below freezing night or you could end up having to spend time in a hotel simply to stay warm.

Changing your filters at the start of the heating season and then every few months after that will help you maintain the comfort level in your home. You may have to change them more often if you have a lot of dust in your home or if you have pets that create more dander and stray fur than normal. We have previously covered many reasons why you should change your furnace air filter but here are a few quick facts to recap. Clogged and dirty filters do not allow your furnace to heat as efficiently as it should which can cause many problems for your system including inefficient heating, increased energy bills, and shortened heating system lifespan. Changing your air filters on a regular basis will also improve the indoor air quality in your home.

In addition to changing your filters you can also have an HVAC expert help you install a programmable or smart thermostat if you do not already have one. A thermostat upgrade will help your home stay warmer than ever at the times you need it to be and let the temperature drop automatically when you are not home. A smart thermostat will allow the temperature to be adjusted with a minimal amount of programming. It will learn your heating preferences as you use it and intelligently adjust your heating schedule without needing to be touched.

An HVAC expert can change your heating filters, upgrade your thermostat, and maintain your furnace so that it will last you throughout the winter. These are the most important steps you can take to get your home ready for winter and they can all be taken care of by the heating maintenance experts at Carey and Walsh. However, there are some extra things you can do on your own to get ready for winter.

Protect Your Pipes

One of the most common plumbing problems in the winter is a burst pipe from water expanding as it freezes. If this happens to you it can cost you thousands of dollars in water damage. While it may be tempting to turn your heat very far down or even off when you leave the house to save money, you should always keep it on to prevent your pipes from freezing. Simply turning it down by a few degrees can save you some money on your heating bill while also preventing damage to your pipes. A couple other steps you can take are letting faucets drip when it gets very cold outside and protecting pipes that are in unheated areas of your home with insulation. Taking these simple preventative steps will help protect you against a serious problem like a burst pipe.

Insulate Doors and Windows

It can be tough to keep your house warm in the winter if you have large gaps around doors and windows. Before winter arrives check windows, doors, vents, air conditioners, and gas lines for drafts. If you discover drafts, you can often fix them inexpensively and easily. Putting caulk in window cracks and installing weather stripping around doors is a simple fix that can keep the heat inside your home and make a big difference in your home’s temperature and your heating bill. If your windows are older, they may be single-pane. Consider replacing these windows with double or triple-pane windows to save energy and keep your heat inside more efficiently.

If you’re serious about getting your Westchester County home ready for winter and heating your house efficiently and less expensively, there are many steps you can take. The most important step is calling Carey and Walsh to check your heating system and get it ready for the long winter ahead. You don’t want your system to break down in the dead of winter when you need it most. Other steps you can take include insulating doors and windows and protecting your pipes from freezing. If you have any questions about saving money this winter, getting your home ready for winter, or any other heating inquiries or concerns, give Carey and Walsh a call at 914-762-9600 or contact us online!

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