Important Steps to Take for Regular Home AC Maintenance

home ac maintenance

Facing the summer heat without a well-maintained HVAC system is unthinkable. It’s more than just comfort—it’s about health, efficiency, and avoiding unexpected breakdowns. Join us as we talk about some essential aspects of home AC maintenance. Remember, professional care is always the key to longevity for these essential systems. Let’s discover how together!

6 Steps for Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance

Steps for Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance

An air conditioning system is much like a car; it needs regular care and attention to perform at its best.

While we always advise against doing any repairs by yourself due to the complex and potentially dangerous nature of the work, there are six simple preventative steps to help maintain the health and efficiency of your home air conditioning unit.

  1. Regularly Replace or Clean the Air Filters: One of the simplest yet crucial steps in maintaining your home’s central air conditioning is regularly replacing or cleaning the filters. A dirty air filter restricts the airflow, causing a reduction in efficiency and even leading to potential system damage.
  2. Keep the Area Around Your AC Clean: Over time, debris can accumulate around your AC, especially if it is an outdoor unit. Regularly inspect the area and remove any debris to prevent evaporator coil blockages and potential condenser unit damage.
  3. Regularly Schedule Professional Inspections: Routine professional inspections are pivotal in AC maintenance. Certified HVAC technicians have the expertise to identify potential issues before they become significant problems for your air conditioner, ensuring your system continues to work at peak efficiency.
  4. Ensure Your Thermostat is Working Properly: A faulty thermostat can cause your AC to underperform or malfunction. Regularly check your thermostat to ensure it’s reading and regulating the temperature correctly. Also, consider upgrading to a programmable thermostat for more reliable and energy-efficient performance.
  5. Pay Attention to Strange Noises or Smells: If you notice unusual noises or smells coming from your cooling system, it’s time to call in the professionals. This could indicate a severe problem that needs immediate attention.
  6. Consider an Annual Maintenance Contract: An annual maintenance contract with a trusted HVAC service provider can eliminate the guesswork of maintaining your central air conditioner. Ensure your system remains in top condition year-round.

Remember, while these steps can aid in regularly maintaining your central AC unit, there’s no replacement for professional care. HVAC systems are complex, and trained technicians have the right tools and knowledge to handle issues safely and effectively. Trust the experts to provide the maintenance your AC needs to beat the heat reliably and efficiently.

Why Choose Carey & Walsh Inc. for Your Air Conditioners’ Needs

Why Choose Carey & Walsh Inc. for Your Air Conditioners' Needs

In the realm of HVAC services, not all providers are created equal. With over seven decades of industry presence at Carey & Walsh Inc., we bring an unmatched depth of knowledge and experience to the table. Here are a few reasons why we stand out in the crowd:

+70 Years of Experience

We have been a steadfast presence in the industry since 1944. Over these years, we have honed our expertise and navigated numerous advancements in HVAC technology. This wealth of experience allows us to handle a diverse array of systems and scenarios with precision and professionalism.

Premium Quality Products

We’re proud dealers of Mitsubishi, York, Honeywell, and other leading brands in the HVAC industry. From efficient furnaces and air conditioners to advanced air handler solutions, our products are designed to deliver reliable comfort and health benefits to your living or working environment.

Premium Quality Products

Certified Excellence

Our slew of recognitions, including multiple years as a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor and YORK Dealer of the Year, and other commendations, are a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Transparent and Fair Pricing

We understand the importance of value for money. That’s why we provide superior HVAC services at a fair price, with no hidden charges. We’re upfront about our pricing to ensure no surprises at the end of the day.

Fully Licensed and Insured

We are a licensed, bonded, and insured HVAC contractor. This means you can rest easy knowing that you’re working with a reputable company that has all the necessary credentials and protections in place.

Fully Licensed and Insured

24/7 Heating & AC Unit Repair

Our service is available around the clock, ready to tackle any HVAC emergencies outside regular business hours.

Comprehensive Services

We offer a full spectrum of HVAC services catering to residential and commercial needs. We aim to ensure your comfort and safety no matter the season. Below are the services we are ready to provide:

  • Top-Notch Heating Services: From installing a new heating system to maintaining your current one, we have got it covered. Our services include heating installation, 24/7 heating repair, and heating maintenance.
  • Top-Notch Cooling Services: We offer extensive cooling services, including A/C installation, round-the-clock A/C repair, and A/C maintenance. Whether it’s a sweltering summer day or night, we are just a call away.
  • Indoor Air Quality: Our comprehensive solutions have a strong focus on improving your air quality. We make sure both condenser and evaporator coils function properly, in order to keep the perfect temperature and humidity inside your home. Also, we offer air duct cleaning services to remove any health threats and ensure system efficiency.

Through these comprehensive services, we ensure that your systems function at their best, extend their lifespan, and maintain their efficiency. When you choose us, you choose comfort, efficiency, and reliability.

Comprehensive Services

Our Service Areas

Our commitment to providing exceptional HVAC solutions extends beyond our home base. Our mission is to bring comfort and peace of mind to as many homes and businesses as possible.

Here are the areas we proudly serve:

  • Briarcliff Manor, NY
  • Cortlandt, NY
  • Dobbs Ferry, NY
  • Hartsdale, NY
  • Haverstraw, NY
  • Mount Kisco, NY
  • Nanuet, NY
  • New City, NY
  • Irvington, NY
  • Ossining, NY
  • Peekskill, NY
  • Scarsdale, NY
  • Sleepy Hollow, NY
  • Stony Point, NY
  • Tarrytown, NY
  • West Haverstraw, NY
  • White Plains, NY

These are the communities that trust us with their comfort, and we are just a call away. If you are in or around these areas, let us be your go-to provider for all your heating and cooling needs.

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