Address HVAC Problems Immediately

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Address Problems Immediately

If you are experiencing any issue with your system, address the problem immediately! Not only can it potentially be dangerous but could also permanently damage your equipment.

Older furnaces were not equipped with the sophisticated technology of newer furnaces, they lacked the safeties and diagnostics that are standard on all new equipment. An older furnace may not have a properly working “High Limit”. This Feature will shut the furnace down on a safety if the internal temperature of the furnace gets too hot. If the furnace is not working properly and this safety fails it could potentially become a fire hazard.

Older furnaces also may not have a working “Spill Switch”. This feature will shut the furnace down on a safety if the chimney or flue pipe were to become clogged. This could cause harmful gases to enter the home and become an extreme health hazard.

In any case, if your furnace is malfunctioning, its best to call the professionals right away, furnace issues usually do not fix themselves. By continuing to operate an unsafe system you could permanently damage your equipment and most importantly put yourself and family in danger.

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