Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

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As summer approaches, it is always a good idea to do maintenance on your air conditioning system before you start using it on a regular basis. The air conditioning experts at Carey and Walsh are always available to perform a complete multi-point inspection and tune-up of your system. However, there are some steps you can take by yourself to make sure your air conditioner is closer to being ready for the warm weather. Always be careful when performing your own tune-up and call Carey and Walsh if you have any issues. Performing a short check and inspection of your system can prevent issues in the future and can help ensure you have a stress-free and cool summer.

Check Your Thermostat

It may seem obvious, but one of the first things you should do is make sure your thermostats are calibrated to the correct temperature settings and that they are operating properly. An issue with an air conditioning system can sometimes just be contained in the electronic components of a thermostat. It also important to check and set any thermostat timers so you don’t waste energy cooling your home when it is not necessary.

Replace Air Conditioning Filters

Something that should be done not only at the beginning of the season but throughout is changing your air conditioner filters. We recommend checking these filters every month and replacing if necessary. Changing your air conditioning filters on a regular basis will extend the life of your air conditioning system. You may also notice an increase in the efficiency of your system, resulting in more uniform cooling and lower energy bills. If your system uses fiberglass filters, these should be replaced one per month. If other types of filters are used, these may not have to be replaced for 4-6 months.

Keep the Unit and Surrounding Area Clean

Depending on where your outdoor air conditioning unit is located, you may have to perform some spring cleaning on it. Make sure the air conditioning system is free of any debris, including leaves, trash, and dirt. A system that is partially covered may not operate as efficiently. The air conditioning system’s coils are designed to transfer heat and anything blocking them may limit how effectively this can be done.

Clean Your Supply and Return Vents

The first part of this step is to make sure that no furniture, rugs, or other household items are covering your air supply and air return vents. Once this is done, the vents and grills should be dusted, cleaned, and vaccuumed if necessary. This is especially important if you have pets and there is accumulated fur that may block the flow of air either into or out of your home. Doing a complete cleaning of your grills at the beginning of the air conditioning season will help make sure that your system will operate at peak efficiency for the entire summer season.

While these maintenance tips can help you get started on getting your air conditioning system ready for summer, nothing replaces a full air conditioning maintenance checkup by a Carey and Walsh professional. We will go above and beyond the steps listed here to make sure your system is operating effectively and efficiently. We’re always available to check and maintain the air conditioning systems of our Westchester County neighbors. Give our air conditioning maintenance experts a call at 914-762-9400 or contact us online today!

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