7 Common HVAC Scams: How to Avoid

7 Common HVAC Scams: How to Avoid

You might have heard others telling stories about how they have been tricked in the past. Unfortunately, there are some HVAC contractors who will do whatever it takes to get money from you. It’s pathetic, but it’s the truth!

The HVAC industry is filled with pretentious and dishonest services, and there’s no exact way to determine who they are. But, we’ll give you proven tips to outsmart these shady HVAC companies with their HVAC scams. Check this out!

“This is Bad! You Need to Replace This!”

Well, HVAC parts can really go bad—and over time, you’ll need to replace them. But what if they’re still working perfectly fine, then your technician tells you to replace it as soon as possible. This is undeniably a SCAM! You’ll know if your system needs a part replacement if it shows signs of inefficiency and deterioration in performance. Other than the physical inspection, a simple way to diagnose your system is through expert evaluation.

Offers are Too Good to Be True

Be wary of too-good-to-be-true offers and deals because you might fall to the bait. Some companies will cut corners just to make quick buck once you are steered to buy their offer. If they make promises of a BIG discount or FREE services, make sure it comes with a written agreement. Always use your best judgment. An offer is most probably a scam if it looks too good to be true. Don’t be misled!

Always Pushing for the Bigger System Size

When it comes to HVAC systems, bigger isn’t always better. But a few contractors will push you to purchase a bigger unit, making you believe that it’s more efficient. You might need a bigger unit if that’s what your building requires. To make sure you’re getting the right size of the HVAC system, ask for a load calculation from a credible contractor.


A service can’t be labeled ‘overcharged’ if the quality and expected outcomes are met. But, you know when a service is overpriced when the workload is less than expected or the job needed additional time to complete (extra time means extra payment).

What you should do to avoid this is to ask for a quote from different companies. Compare each quote and see which one is legitimate.

Asking for Cash Payment—UPFRONT

This is an obvious red flag that you should watch out for. No descent HVAC contractor will ask for payment prior to completing a service. There’s no reason that an HVAC company will employ a payment-first policy unless they are trying to get away with something. Don’t ever fall prey to these people. Be sure that you’re sending out money only after the job is done.

Providing Unnecessary Repairs

No legitimate company would claim that your system needs repair when it’s working fine. Without showing any symptoms of malfunction, your system probably doesn’t need any repairs. If it’s not a scam, then they won’t pressure you to do a repair service. Stay alert for these HVAC companies because you might find yourself paying for service that goes for nothing.

Frequent Tune-Ups

The recommended tune-up service for an HVAC system is twice a year. But fraud contractors will make it look like your system needs regular tune-ups four times a year. If they require tune-ups that aren’t reasonable, it’s a red flag that you’re dealing with an unreliable company that wants nothing but your money. Don’t ever give in to their lies. An honest contractor won’t push you with a tune-up service that’s not necessary.

Are You a Vulnerable Target?

Yes! So be wise in choosing the HVAC contractor for your comfort needs. HVAC fraud is everywhere and you may run into it any time. If you noticed anything suspicious in the company at any point in the process, then move back and find another.

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